eCommerce Trust: Building Trust in Digital Environments

30 Mar 1999|Added Value

A joint study with Studio Archetype/Sapient and Cheskin Added Value, January 1999

In 1999, at the height of the dotcom boom, Cheskin and Studio Archetype/Sapient collaborated on a study to understand the fundamental design principals of establishing and building trust in online environments. Our hypothesis was that digital trust would become a crucial element of success for any company conducting online transactions.

This landmark study identified six fundamental factors that communicate trustworthiness in a digital environment:

  • Brand: the importance of a company’s reputation in the choice to do business with them.
  • Navigation: the ease of finding what the user seeks.
  • Fulfillment: the process the user experiences from the initial visit throughout the transaction.
  • Presentation: ways in which the appearance and behavior of the site communicate meaningful information.
  • Technology: ways in which the site functions.
  • Seals of Approval: symbols that represent the companies that specialize in assuring the safety of online sites.

These factors are the defining elements of the model created by Cheskin and Studio Archetype/Sapient for the benefit of any company hoping to improve their digital trustworthiness.

For more details, including identification of 28 specific “building blocks” or steps a firm can take to build online trust, download the complete report.

 eCommerce Trust Report

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