The Wireless Future - A Look at Youth Unplugged

30 Sep 2001|Added Value

The need to be connected to friends, family, and society at large is driving the adoption rate of wireless technologies among young people around the world. The global connection revolution that began with the landline telephone and continued with the Internet is now being propelled by wireless technologies that allow us to take our connection addiction on the road. As the world gets smaller and people get even more mobile, technology will enable communication behaviors that will redefine the 21st century.


The youth market is particularly adept at incorporating wireless devices into their lifestyles.

Being connected, whether to other humans or to specific content is crucial to today’s world. Wireless manufacturers, service providers, and content developers are quickly providing products, devices and content to meet this demand. The youth market (ages 13 to 24) is particularly adept at intuitively using wireless devices and incorporating them into their lifestyles.

Youth Market Survey
Wireless technologies have allowed the youth consumer to extend themselves beyond traditional forms of communication, time, and limited mobility issues, but what emerging applications best fit into young people’s lives and meet their needs?

Through quantitative primary research with 1000 teens, age 13-18, and young adults, age 19-24, in addition to interviews with industry experts and secondary research, Cheskin identified eight trends that will define current and future wireless innovation in the US:

  1. Social connectivity and entertainment will be the primary defining characteristics of wireless devices in the youth market, and likely the consumer market at large.
  2. Young people will build relationships via wireless devices.
  3. Multitasking capabilities will flourish within the youth market.
  4. Personal security and convenience will continue to be motivating factors for first time mobile phone consumers.
  5. Personalization of design, function, and interface will be a common expectation.
  6. Wireless entertainment and information applications will become favored time “gap-fillers.”
  7. Convergence of relevant applications (rather than heavy feature lists) will define the most successful wireless devices.
  8. Entertainment will drive the development of wireless cross-platform content.

The full 44-page study is designed to help carriers, device makers, and application developers gain insight into the enormous, communications-hungry consumer market. It provides specific support and data to help with many of the critical decisions made on product development, positioning and communication.

 The Wireless Future Report

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