Designing Digital Experiences for Youth

30 Oct 2002|Added Value

They dye their hair with Jello. They pierce and tattoo body parts previously left unmarked. They wear clothing five sizes too big for them. Why would anyone look to teens and young adults for design advice?

Although easy to dismiss as fad-driven and immature, the Youth population in any era tends to forecast the future in the way they look, act and believe. That’s certainly true with the current generation. They’ve been exposed to computers and digital devices from the time they were infants. Most have grown up in a world where cell phones, PCs, IM and email have always existed. As a result, they’re more tech-savvy than any other segment of the population.

In one sense, this generation is no different than previous ones who have grown up with a given technology and by virtue of that fact become the first to truly embrace it. However, this generation’s power to change perceptions of entire categories of commerce should not be ignored.

Since we originally released this report in Summer 2001, a few things have changed. The macro trends that drive this generation still hold true, yet technologies have evolved. We’ve updated this report to reflect these changes.

 Designing Digital Experiences For Youth

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