Pure Bliss for Added Value and Enterprise IG

02 May 2003|Added Value

Scottish Courage has launched Bliss, a new wine based ready-to-drink (RTD) brand, aimed at 18-34 year old women, with the creative input of WPP agencies Added Value and Enterprise IG.

The move aims to extend Scottish Courage’s portfolio outside of its traditional beer market by attracting young women, who typically enjoy a glass of wine, or a PPS brand when they are socialising. Bliss aims to combine the enjoyment of both. It launches in two variants: Bliss Exotic and Bliss Berries, both of which include a sparkling fusion of Californian Chardonnay and fruit.

Added Value was commissioned last year by Scottish Courage to generate the positioning and name for the new brand, which is one of the first wine-based RTD in the market. Enterprise IG developed the new branding, which features a striking hand-drawn logotype on a tall, smoothly curved transparent bottle.

“The shape and graphics deliberately cue the feminine form,” says Enterprise IG Creative Director, Jo Saker. “The bottle shape also serves a strong functional role as Bliss is designed to be drunk with a straw, so it not only looks good, but it’s also easy to drink at the bar or on the dance floor.”

Says Michelle King, Director at Added Value, “Scottish Courage is committed to innovation and developing new products and we are delighted to have played an integral part in creating the new Bliss brand.”

Says Fiona Vernon, Marketing Manager for Innovation at Scottish Courage, “With Added Value and Enterprise IG, we have created a strongly differentiated new brand, which we are confident will attract young women and play an important part in helping them to enjoy a great night out.”

Bliss is the product of significant research carried out by Added Value among young women. “Many women would prefer to drink wine all night, but it spills easily and often goes quickly to the head. There is also a lack of trust about the quality of wine,” adds King. “We also found many women become tired of alco-pops over the course of an evening because of taste. Bliss is feminine and sophisticated. Chardonnay is identified with quality, and the real fruit flavours tap into the consumer trend towards naturalness, while the bubbles give Bliss an overall celebratory feel that is appropriate for a great night out.”

Bliss is set to be rolled out nationally through spring and summer following an initial launch in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

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