Do I want to blog?

07 May 2003|Christoper Ireland

I was gently reminded today by Denise, our head of marketing, that I hadn’t updated my blog in several weeks. I knew that, I just wasn’t sure what I wanted to do about it. Whenever I try something new, I’m inclined to let my relationship with it develop naturally. I don’t force myself to adopt something just because it’s new or cool. It’s not a resistance to change–i’m actually pretty good at that. I just want to be sure that when I do change, I’m comfortable with the behavior being a part of me. With blogging, I’m not sure yet. It feels novel. It has the sense of being a private journal, while in fact it’s more public and visible than most parts of my life. It’s informal and highly flexible, but it codifies my thoughts at a point in time. I find these dichotomies intriguing and am attracted enough by them to continue experimenting, but it’s not a compulsion. I’m not dying to blog every morning.

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