Cultural archetypes, communication, and marketing

10 May 2003|Felipe Korzenny

The communication and marketing disciplines struggle to provide tools that enable marketers and advertisers to reach individuals in a specific and unique ways to gain their favor and conquer their emotion. Uncovering cultural archetypes and relating them to the attributes of products, ideas, and services is a rich way of achieving powerful positioning platforms. When dealing with communication across cultures cultural archetypes are even more important because they may enable genuine intercultural dialogue. That is, they allow cultural understanding between the culturally diverse parties in the communication event.

A cultural archetype is a schemata that has been transmitted from generation to generation of a culture. Many times this schemata is unconscious but rules daily behavior in important ways because it is the core from which values and beliefs derive. What are key cultural archetypes that can be of great power in communicating interculturally? The answers to the following questions lead to the discovery of cultural archetypes:

For specific cultures, what is the meaning of:

a. Waking up
b. Illness
c. Cleanliness
d. Work
e. Death
f. Hot and cold
g. Stomach upset
h. Peace

The deep meanings associated with the above examples in specific cultures are the key to reaching consumers in meaningful ways. In this context I will continue to explore these ideas. If you have any comments or suggestions please e-mail them to me:

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