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20 May 2003|Christoper Ireland

Time is definitely not on my side. I have the strong impression of being on an accelerating train, and what used to be a view has become a blur. I’m a really organized person, but the tools I’ve used in the past are failing me in this new warp speed. I don’t have time to open Word and decide on a format. I don’t have time to check equations in Excel. I certainly don’t have time to play with animations in PowerPoint. I barely have time to keep up with my email, and I sure don’t have time to store each in its appropriate folder.

Don’t worry, this is not a Ludite rant. I have even less time to deal with my scattered paper notes and voice mails to myself. So far, I’ve only found one tool that “might” be a very good fit for work at the speed of light. It’s a funny little app MSFT is beta testing called OneNote. Simply put, it’s a scrapbook built on a matrix framework. It’s extremely flexible, but stays organized. And I don’t have to think about it (it saves automatically and does a bunch of simple tasks that make it highly intuitive). To be fair, I have to disclose that we work extensively with MSFT, but we would never endorse a product because we were told to–i really like this little guy.

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