The Go Game

28 May 2003|Christoper Ireland

Today I got to play. Well, granted, it was scheduled play, but I’ll take what I can get. A group of us met in the Mission district with an outfit called The Go Game. They gave us cell phones and digital cameras, a brief introduction, and we set off in pairs on a highly digital form of a savanger hunt. Our clues came to us as text messages on the cell phone. We ran all over the Mission, tracking down locations, composing photos, and shooting videos to the amusement of most who saw us. Fortunately, alot of people in this neighborhood have a weak grip on reality, so we didn’t stand out too much. Everything we did was transmitted back to a server (via cell phone input), so at the conclusion of the game, we all were able to review each other entries–and to top it off, we used the same cell phones to vote on the winning entries.

This was fun. The technology was a perfect match to the game–not too intimidating or complex to spoil our enjoyment, but unique enough to add a novel twist. My team mate and I were spurred on by periodic phone messages letting us know we were in first place, no…second place, oops, we dropped to third, back to second….. In sum, it offered the flexibility and real time feedback I love from computer games, with the fresh air, human beings and real environment I love from my childhood games.

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