Holding Patterns

20 Jun 2003|Davis Masten

It’ll be fascinating to see what the next large disruption is and how American society reacts. Last night in a little French bistro in Kansas City, it was speculated that America may become less over reactive as we see that the disruptions don’t take us to our knees. While the nature of the disasters are always painful, that we can adjust and move on. I’ve held that the recovery was going to happen sometime back, but 9/11, war, SARS all disrupted the momentum. How we react and don’t over react will have a major impact on whether we continue to put the economy into a series of holding patterns. Now at the ripe old age of 52, I have been in lots of holding patterns. My sense is that we are becoming more aware that even in the darkest hours there is light if we have the courage to see it coming.

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