What Harry Potter means to me

20 Jun 2003|Added Value

I admit that I’m a Harry Potter fan. Like millions of others, I’m looking forward to burying myself in 800+ pages of magic spells and adventures. And I have quite few friends – executives, lawyers, educated people who barely remember being 14 – who are as addicted as I am. We’re not camping in front of the bookstore this weekend, but that’s only because we’re best friends with the manager.

Contrast this with the other things I read regularly – like marketing books, newsletters, or the nearly unintelligable email correspondence I’ve been having with people on Craigslist interested in some stuff I’m selling (want to buy a vacuum?)

I find this madness for Harry Potter encouraging because it means that people still appreciate good story telling. And maybe they’ll be encouraged to tell better stories themselves – whether they’re writing a business plan or an email. I can only hope.

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