Summer is back

21 Jun 2003|Davis Masten

I don’t understand how the airlines make money or how sane investors rationalize the capital formation of the airline industry. But all this serious stuff aside, Denver airport was packed the other day. The three flights I have been on have been jammed full. This is one of maybe 30 anecdotal indicators that make me think that parts of the economy are back. Whether or not the numbers will end up in corporate profits in the airlines I’ll leave to the money people. But from my vantage point, it feels like summer crowds again. Over the past 28 years of reasonably intense business travel, I get that more money should be moving through the system and more people’s pockets. I am happy for the cabbies, rent-a-car companies, etc. Hopefully, there will be more people whose lives are not so lean, financially at least.

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