Corporate hostess

22 Jun 2003|Christoper Ireland

The NY Times did a nice piece on corporate blogging and I was happy to learn of other execs taking the risk to try this out. One mention in particular caught my eye–that the Jupiter CEO talks about the ups and downs of aspects of his job. Now that’s gutsy.

Sharing the travails of a CEOs life is probably not as interesting as a reality show, but it does have as many intricasies and twists of fate. So many different considerations vie for attention from day to day. One morning it’s a client problem, the next an unhappy employee, a tired partner, a malfunctioning network or pending regulation. There’s no such thing as a normal day. It takes far more energy and patience than I ever imagined and the main reward is that nothing goes terribly wrong.

If I compare being a CEO to the many jobs I had in my youth, it seems most similar to when I was a hostess for a casino restaurant. My role, then as now, was to make sure all the customers were properly taken care of, the evening’s theme communicated clearly to the staff, the workload evenly spread out, the money accounted for, and every mess cleaned up as soon as possible. The only difference is I used to make pretty good tips in my hostess job.

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