Moblogs and more

24 Jun 2003|Added Value

Yesterday within 2 minutes of each other, I got an email from a colleague about moblogs linking me to a recent post by Xeni Jardin on BoingBoing about phonecam blogging and then a Business 2.0 Tech Investor newsletter about camera phone privacy issues (where Xeni Jardin was quoted by the way).

I took this as a not so subtle hint that this is probably something to keep an eye on – huge privacy concerns naturally, but my biggest curiosity is what photo blogging indicates about our culture. Taking a look at some of the photo blogs around, it’s a little reminiscent of accidentally picking up someone else’s pictures by mistake – a voyeuristic look at what others find interesting, but unless you’re a cultural anthropologist, not a whole lot else there. Admittedly, there’s always the sex angle, evidenced by the 1st International Love Hotel Moblogging Conference.

Once the technology buzz wears off though, it will be very cool to see what emerges as the most relevant use.

By they way, here’s a favorite picture of mine – I felt I needed to contribute something visual 😉


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