To the PowerPoint

27 Jun 2003|Christoper Ireland

This presentation is a very funny parody of those of us who are PowerPoint dependent. As I read it, I was thinking “oh god, this is so familiar.” I was laughing, but inside I was thinking just what I imagine the author wanted me to think—is PowerPoint changing the way I think? Is it making me think in bullet points? Am I losing richness of thought and language? Am I foregoing all possibility of being a national hero to future generations because I like animation?

Who knows. It’s an appealing proposition, but I’m sure when the world shifted from hand-crafted, illustrated manuscripts to small printed books, a vocal group decried the end of rich thought. I’m as guilty as anyone of using PP as a crutch when I’m in a hurry and need some outside structure for my thinking. But it’s also taught me to get to the point, be more clear, and to think about my audience. Those aren’t bad influences. Personally, if Lincoln were alive today, I don’t think he’d be a victim of PP–I think he’d be hooked on blogging.

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