The viral spread of hot spots

04 Jul 2003|Darrel Rhea

(And I ain’t talkin’ Monkey Pox)

You want to go head to head with T-Mobile in your own neighborhood? You can now and a company called NetShare will set you up in business. They allow their members’ to share their broadband service with their community. If you have broadband, you can be a wireless hot spot and compete with the tacos.

“NetShare Admins can provide their neighborhood with wireless broadband access complemented by a suite of Speakeasy services like email, dialup, news and excellent add-ons (such as Rhapsody Radio Plus)! The Admin selects the monthly service fees for their customers, and Speakeasy handles all the billing – including crediting the Admin’s account each month for 50% of the basic Customer fees.”

“NetShare Customers will have the opportunity to experience Speakeasy’s broadband services at a reduced cost. They’ll also benefit from Speakeasy’s excellent customer support and be eligible to take advantage of any special add-on services available only to Speakeasy customers.

Why is this cool? Haallloooowww! The wireless grid gets bigger and more ubiquitous, and out of the direct control of the local tacos who charge me BIG dollars and give me NO service. Viva la competition!!

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