One man's bus ride is another man's space shuttle

07 Jul 2003|Darrel Rhea

I’m bobbing in SF Bay on Tango this morning, I am considering the things that I take for granted. Jet planes for example. Now that I have far more than a million miles of air travel under my belt, getting on a plane is like getting on a bus. It isn’t remotely interesting to me, and is more often than not a source of complaint. My last flight around the world was designed to be completed efficiently rather than to be celebrated and savored.

My friend Gordon Gray lives in Beijing and regularly sends me photos that range from the curious to the bizarre. This morning’s photos are of an amusement park where a popular attraction is an old Russian jetliner. For the equivalent of $1.20, the billion-plus Chinese who have never stepped inside a plane and may never get the chance to fly anywhere can tour the inside of this aging 20th century marvel. This doggy 40 year old plane is a glamorous cutting-edge technology exhibit to them.

As much as I enjoy the stimulation of bopping around the globe, I find myself being slight jealous of them. Especially now as I leave on another week of air travel.


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