Technology and the Rebound

23 Jul 2003|Added Value

Christopher has been invited to speak on a panel at a CEO Summit in the Fall. The question came up about how she might be able to add something to the tired topic of succeeding in a rebound economy (providing it’s really rebounding of course).

INHO, I think one of the keys lies in rethinking the concept of innovation or looking for competitive advantage outside of the tried and true. What comes to mind (just having finished a presentation to my company about the wonders of the blogosphere) is how technology is really changing. I hate the phrase “paradigm shift” but when you think of the implications of [free] weblog technologies on business, just to name one, it’s amazing.

One conversation in my presentation was about cost. I couldn’t figure out how Blogger made enough money to survive (pre Google), considering how useful the product is and the amount they must spend on supporting and hosting their client base. Then I realized that probably at least 1/4 of blogs use BloggerPro at $35/yr (~200,000 bloggers). That’s $7M/yr. doh! Good for them, great for me.

I’ll probably add another app [for a small donation] to allow visitors to easily subscribe to our blog, and other parts of our site, and get automatically pinged when we add more content. This will take maybe 4 hours of my time, but will save me dozens of hours in “old fashioned” email newsletter marketing.

Tim asked if blogs could be used for collaborative data gathering and analysis for a global project. Easily [for free] (aside from some server security issues)

Microsoft OneNote may revolutionize the way we organize and manage shared knowledge resources if we decide to use it in a simple unique way. It will be cheap (I think 😉

The new term I’m hearing for multi-skilled people is “versatilist.” I think as people strive for richness and balance in their lives, you’ll see a growing talent pool of people with expertise in diverse areas – how can an avid gamer with an industrial design background who writes code and marketing plans be used? What advantages can those types of people bring to an organization?

My point is, a hyper-awareness of and curiosity for new technology and change, and an open mind can yield advantage and efficiencies for business if it’s applied in creative ways. And it won’t break the budget if the economy doesn’t rebound as quickly as we think.

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