Smart nice people

28 Jul 2003|Added Value

I feel like one of the privileged folk to be able to honestly say that I like my job. I don’t pop out of bed like a piece of toast every morning in gleeful anticipation, but I honestly find happiness in what I do. The reasons are simple – I’m surrounded literally and virtually with nice, smart people who inspire me and whom I learn from almost daily…

This morning I found that Doc Searls had paid us a very nice compliment on his blog. Thanks Doc – it made my day.

This afternoon my colleague Darrel showed me the joys of Froogle, Google’s new product search. In return I showed him the new Google toolbar.

I read a nice set of customer service guidelines (for lack of a better term) from Diane Reischling from Microsoft, via John Porcaro’s blog. 1. Let go – everyone gets to play 2. Be yourself – be real 3. This moment matters. In an earlier blog, I noted how John opened up the doors of the blogosphere to me by taking the time to answer some of my more naive questions via email. And I’ve never met the guy, but he’s given me an even greater appreciation for the people at Microsoft

I also got a nice note back this morning from Business Week writer Gerry Khermouch regarding a comment I sent him on his great article on Brands in the Age of Anti-Americanism.

None of the people above were asking anything in return for sharing their information or thoughts. They’re all really busy people, so the time they took was very generous and given without considering “what’s my time worth.” That’s nice. That’s why I love my job.

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