The value of being there (and blogging)

13 Aug 2003|Added Value

Yesterday I had breakfast with John Porcaro from Microsoft, as those who read his blog already know. (thanks John for the very nice words). He mentioned Dina Mehta’s blog so I checked it out this morning. Both John and Dina really get the value of research and the insights that come from literally listening to your customers. I also want to mention that I think John is a truly insightful marketer – it was a pleasure talking. OK, enough of the John and Denise show 😉

Later in the day, I had a long conversation with a potential client (hopefully) on a small focus group project. A big obstacle for her was going to be convincing the president of the value of qualitative research. I just sent her the link to Dina’s blog. Not only does it really explain the value, but because of the blog context, it’s a tremendous first-hand endorsement. Better than any journal article I could have sent.

As I continue to blog, and am introduced to more blogs and bloggers, I’m increasingly convinced that this particular medium will impact business in significant and very positive ways.

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