Back to our regularly scheduled program (almost)

04 Sep 2003|Added Value

A colleague of mine at Fitch:Worldwide remarked that coming back from vacation was more like being dropped out of a plane than coming in for a smooth landing. So far my week has been like that. I’m only just finding time to read some of the blogs I follow. The funny thing is that a number of them are talking about vacation. I liked Jason Kottke’s the best because it reminded me the most of my vacation (although my scary airport had a bathroom). My colleague Darrel also had a lot ot say about getting away. It’s nice that we remind ourselves and each other how important these times are.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program… I’m working on a study on innovation that I think will be terrific. It’s very exciting to hear what companies around the country think about this evolving yet critical concept. Also, I neglected to mention earlier that I was flattered to learn that I made it into Seth Godin’s latest e-book . An interesting collection of opinions about Google, but more fun I think was seeing the kinds of people who contributed insights. Some of the mini bios were wonderfully refreshing.

Is it time for vacation again yet? 😉

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