(please...) Let me junk my PDA

12 Sep 2003|Added Value

I was just reading an old article in the Business 2.0 tech investor newsletter (A Palm for Your Wrist, by Paul R. La Monica, July of ’03) talking about Microsoft’s new SPOT technology that Fossil is incorporating into their watches.

This of course got me selfishly thinking about myself, and MY needs (although I know there are others out there in the same boat).

While it might be true that people could be slow to adopt this technology for a variety of reasons (the fashion angle will be key, for obvious reasons), I think there are lots of people out there like me, who are just begging to get rid of their PDA (their Palms, Pocket PC’s, Clie’s, etc.). The promise of accessing productivity apps from these devices has never become fully realized for many people, and many of my friends here at the office are now only really using them for syncing their Outlook calendar and contacts (some of these folks are savvy tech-folk; true early adopters as defined by Rogers, Moore, etc.). So, when you get to this point, then it becomes kind of silly to be lugging around a PDA just for that limited functionality.

Personally, I’ve been hoping that a phone would come along that is small (not one of those PDA- sized phones, one that could easily fit into your pocket) that would cover this functionality (syncing my Outlook calendar and contacts). I’ve read that it’s coming but I haven’t seen it yet. Not something that easily and effectively syncs with Outlook. And if my watch could do all of this (i.e., these new Fossil/Microsoft products), AND it will allow me to dump my PDA, I’m all ears.

This is also notable in that I am in no way one of those folks who are always the first among their circle of friends to adopt new technology–I’m practically a luddite by comparison (I’m more of an early majority type when it comes to most tech). I just have no need to keep lugging my Palm around, and if these watches can do that I’ve got to pay attention and consider it strongly. Let me check my calendar and contacts from something that I’m carrying around with me already (like my watch or cell phone).

And personally, I don’t even really think of this as a “convergence” issue. (When I think of “convergence” I think of products that are far less than the sum of their parts.) To me, this is just the continuation of cell phone/handheld/mobile technology into the realm of data transfer (along with using your cell phone for email access, MP3 downloads, etc.)

That’s how I feel today…now I just need to come up with some ceremonial way to dispatch the ‘ol PDA.

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