No Time

16 Sep 2003|Christoper Ireland

I recently read about the remarkable insights of Peter Lynds, a young New Zealander who decided to think some unconventional thoughts about time. My favorite line from the article quotes him explaining,

“There’s no such thing as an instant in time or present moment in nature. It’s something entirely subjective that we project onto the world around us. That is, it’s the outcome of brain function and consciousness.”

The entire article is well worth reading, but this alone has keep me busy for days. My immediate intuitive response was “yes, this make perfect sense.” But of course, I don’t have to do the math. I’ve subsequently wandered all over the place with it. If instants in time are purely subjective, why do we all agree on how to track them? If there’s no present moment, can there still be a past moment? If instants are the outcome of brain function, can I speed up time or slow it down through conscious effort (without having to assume a difficult yoga position?) I would love to meet this guy.

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