Wifi Frustration

16 Sep 2003|Christoper Ireland

I know that being an early adopter of technology is only for those with high frustration levels. And generally I qualify. I don’t mind reading manuals, calling help desks, crawling under my desk to check connections, or walking into Fry’s or CompUSA with a shopping list of needed accessories, all of which have names like XMB-200563 v.24. What I do mind is design that seems to have no concept of what a user is really like.

Let’s take my home wifi network, for example. First of all, shouldn’t there be some very clear and visible warnings about interference from microwaves and phones? Doesn’t every home have these appliances? So why should I have to search the web to learn why my connection fails every time my child makes popcorn? Here’s another easy one: if I’m supposed to pay attention to the tiny lights on the front of the router, the labels identifying them need to be large enough to read (and I have perfect vision). These are the no-brainers. I could spend all day on the instructions….

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