Fast, Focused, and Fertile: The Innovation Evolution

27 Sep 2003|Added Value

A collaborative study between Cheskin Added Valueand Fitch:Worldwide

The boom is over. The dotcoms are dead. Increased efficiency is better than a new idea, and we’ve all gone back to business basics.

But we haven’t. In fact, a growing number of companies are revamping their innovation process, increasing their investments of time, labor and dollars and creating new products, services and brands that customers really want. In order to do this, they’re breaking away from time-honored business practices and encouraging the kind of behavior cataloged by Darwin: they’re evolving, adopting processes, beliefs and values that support rapid adjustment to changing markets.

This 28-page report takes a closer look at the vital practice of innovation and organic growth. It’s the outcome of a collaboration with Fitch intended to help companies find ways to inspire and ensure successful innovation from within.

Cheskin/Finch innovation Report

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