Innovation and the power of the blog

01 Oct 2003|Added Value

Yesterday Cheskin and Fitch:Worldwide released a new research study on corporate innovation. Much to PR team’s dismay, in spite of vigorous pre-pitching, the study didn’t seem to catch on with the media (at least not yet). Nevertheless, on the day of the release, with only a BusinessWire distribution to our credit, our web traffic soared. To date we’ve had over 500 downloads of the report just from the Cheskin website (it’s on the Fitch site as well).

Clearly, innovation is a hot topic. An equally important factor is the power of the blog – a huge amount of our web traffic yesterday was via blogs. Blogs and bloggers spread the word, including apple news, Rob Korver, and a German blog – Industrial Technology & Witchcraft (if I could read the site, perhaps I’d get the name, anyway…).

PR firms, PR departments and companies themselves need to take note of the power of this media over traditional media. It is truly amazing.

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