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10 Oct 2003|Added Value

As Christopher mentioned, we’ve been doing some talking internally about grassroots marketing and social networks. A recent article made its way around about Nokia’s efforts using blogs to create visibility for its 3650 camera phone. Nokia worked with Project Blog to target bloggers who could potentially market the product.

Project Blog (by Richards Interactive) is worth looking at. It’s very upfront about how they interact with bloggers to help market products. They don’t hold anything back about the potential value they place on the a blogger’s social network and the nature of the transaction. And they don’t tell the blogger what to write. This all raises a few questions:

— Could this result in better products? It takes guts to place a product in the hands of anyone who has a penchant for talking too much to groups of loyal readers and has nothing to loose by trashing your product (except maybe more free stuff) .
— How do you target the right blogging network and leader? Is it volume or variety, as discussed in a recent Reveries Cool News article.
— Will bloggers become suspect and blogging just another jaded form of online marketing?

On this last point – I hope not.

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