How to lose customers and money

11 Oct 2003|Christoper Ireland

I switch hats from CEO to naive consumer with regularity. Last weekend I answered the phone about midday and “behold” it was my DSL carrier. Now, I’ve stayed on hold trying to get these guys for 1/2 a day, so I was thrilled that they called me. They had a great new offer for me–DSL for $29.95 a month! That was a great offer since I was currently paying $49.95 for their service. I explained that I would love to save $20 a month on my service, and that was when the confusion started.

Apparently, they didn’t know I was a current customer (I guess they missed the class on CRM databases). So, in order to get the special deal, I had to be routed to 3 other agents who verified that I did, in fact, want to pay less for my service. It took about 1/2 hour, everyone was reasonably pleasant, and once it was complete, I quickly checked my 401K portfolio to make sure I did not own their stock. By my estimation, they had spent about $150 in order to make less money from me. I hope my utility company calls this weekend.

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