Vielen Dank

15 Oct 2003|Added Value

The other day I received a very nice email from Gunnar Loy, the Managing Partner at Triibe Media, a brand and media consultancy. He was kind enough to translate the posts I had mentioned earlier in the German blog, Industrial Technology & Witchcraft. Thanks Gunnar!

Triibe’s site is nice and incorporates audio in an interesting way. You don’t find audio very often as part of a web brand, perhaps because it still has its pluses and minuses. (We wrote about audio branding on the web years ago, and other than the technology, not a lot has changed). The downside is that in an open office environment like ours, the sudden explosion of unexpected audio from a website can be quite startling. And sometimes embarrassing – I was recently researching toys which everyone near me knew as soon as they heard my laptop exclaim “hi, I’m Barbie!”

Perhaps it’s time for some headphones 😉

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