Making a market

20 Oct 2003|Christoper Ireland

We recently published a 35-page study on innovation, detailing how it’s changing and what senior execs are emphasizing in this increasingly crucial process. We had a very tough time getting any media attention, so you can imagine our surprise when our web traffic shot up within hours of the study’s release. Why? Blogs, for the most part, as Denise recounted last week.

In addition to the great distribution advantage of this grassroots media, it works both ways. As sites linked to us or referenced our study, we learned about their capabilities as well. One interesting find was Innovation Tools, a site that captures, shares and organizes the tools and techniques devoted to increased creativity. The blogging network is starting to remind me of a very good street market, where everyone’s both a seller and buyer, working together to make a market. This is going to get interesting….

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