Cheskin deja vu

07 Nov 2003|Christoper Ireland

Cheskin did something unusual last night. At Davis’ urging, we had a party for all our ex-employees. We didn’t have an agenda, other than we wondered how they were doing and wanted to reconnect. Although I was initially skeptical (I didn’t think any would come), my concerns turned out to be unfounded.

We had a wonderful turn-out, and it was great fun seeing how everyone has matured, as well as stayed the same. I enjoyed hearing stories about Cheskin’s past, looking at pictures from parties in the 80’s and 90’s, and just hanging out with people I genuinely like. The hardest part was seeing people we had to lay-off at the end of the Boom. I thought they were particularly courageous and solid to come back and visit without animousity. I’m not sure I would be capable of that.

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