Stepping back to 1984

09 Nov 2003|Darrel Rhea

While unwrapping an item that was in storage, my brother-in-law noticed the newspaper page it was wrapped in and sent it back here from New Zealand. The December 1984 SF Examiner had two items of note.

First, a story about hackers. Hackers were first covered in Newsweek and ABC News that week, and the reporter said “I guess most pros can handle the mob and the Middle East terrorists. It’s the kids with tape on their glasses who really scare them.” He equates hacking with “simple pranksterism,” equivalent to putting soap in the local fountain or burning a bag of dog poop on the porch. “When this all blows over, I sure hope we don’t see some weird anti-computer legislation. I’m sure the pint-sized threat to society, the techno-punk prepubescent “hackers” will get what they deserve – a good spanking.” Now, I hope that reporter has lived through his share of worms…

Second, an ad for a 128K Macintosh for $1700 and an Apple IIc for $1050. What a deal!

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