A story

02 Dec 2003|Christoper Ireland

So sorry to be offline for this extended period. As Denise put it, it’s humbling to understand how difficult it is to maintain a consistent online presence. My compliments to all who do. I’ve been busy–but the real reason for my lag in blogging is that I wasn’t inspired to share anything. That changed last night when one of my *many* brilliant colleagues sent me an email that rocked me off my path.

Lucia Fuentes Skinner is a warm, wonderful human being who takes care of many of us here at Cheskin. She has superb management skills, but beyond that she has a scary type of wisdom that cuts thru the typical gibberish and gets to the heart of matters. Here’s the story she shared with me:

“In his autobiography, my great-grand-father writes about how he always felt supported by his parents, and how his father, when talking with him about his future and his career was always repeating this phrase to him. ‘Do your work as if you were immortal and live your life like a mortal.’ His explanation of his dad’s phrase is that working with honesty and passion will leave indelible marks on Life and on Time (immortality); and that remembering that we are mortals will help us to live our life understanding that we have only each moment to be honest, to work with passion, to love, and to enjoy. My great grand father said that he tried to follow his father’s advice and that he lived a great, intense, and fulfilling life. At the same time, he became a well known doctor in Latin America and a successful man. ”

This simple story has stayed with me all day, gently reminding me that working soley for money or recognition is a short term endeavor with few meaningful benefits. As the economy rebounds this is a smart message to keep in mind. Do what you love and what best represents who you are. Matter to others and yourself. Everything else you need will follow.

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