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09 Mar 2004|Added Value

I’ve found myself in a remarkable situation lately. Last year when we began our weblog, I was one of its biggest proponents doing all I could to motivate, inspire and cajole people to contribute. I was rarely at a loss for topics to write about or suggestions that others could build on. I couldn’t understand why so many people found it so difficult to log on and jot down a few insightful thoughts.

Now I see why. Now I’m the one receiving pleading emails from my colleagues trying to explain how easy it is to contribute to our new blog. It’s a humbling experience to be “on the other side.”

How I got into this situation is a story in itself. Suffice it to say that in the last 3 months I’ve found myself looking at quite a few issues from a completely different perspective due in large part to the transition that Jennifer Gray referred to in an earlier post. (yes – that Marketing VP who is now doing account and knowledge management would be me).

While change such as this is inherently disruptive, its personal and business benefits can be huge. Every day is an adventure.

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