Real stuff

09 Mar 2004|Christoper Ireland

I spent most of last week in work sessions, thinking thru the best ways to get feedback from consumers on product positioning. To some, this may sound like a new, improved version of Hell, but I actually enjoyed it. It’s a tough topic for many reasons. Positioning is abstract and intangible, yet to be effective, it has to translate into very real, concrete images, sounds, sensations and experiences.

One of the biggest hurdles is designing the stimuli. Most marketers can not trust a simple set of words or visuals to accurately portray their product or service. They tend to add copious detail to the exhibits, explaining (and too often “selling”) people on the features of their product, rather than using the stimuli to elicit conversation and learning about the products end benefits. Think of it this way, what helps you decide whether you should go to a movie–a few carefully chosen clips that catch your attention and suggest the movies “for you,” or an explanation of the plot and the track record of the performers?

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