Conference Care

22 Mar 2004|Christoper Ireland

Note to conference promoters: growing a conference is a lot like growing a brand. As an example, Chris Anderson is doing a good job of growing TED, a conference that could have peaked in the 90’s. He’s doing it by staying in communication with his audience, carefully selecting presenters and encouraging, well, forms of adoration.

How else can you describe this lovely blog tribute? Chris’ email explained:

This has been a major labor of love over the past month by longtime TEDster Tom Wujec. He was always famous for taking awesome notes at TED. I challenged him this year to get them up on the web as a kind of visual blog of the conference. What he has produced is simply stunning. I’ve never seen anything like it, on-line or off.

It’s not quite as good as being there, but it’s close.

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