I Love Starbucks and TMobile

22 Mar 2004|Leigh Marinner

This weekend I had one of those technology experiences that I want to tell everybody about. Right now I feel the same way about Starbucks as I felt about my teddy bear when I was 6. How could I live without it? Starbucks has just bought more of my consumer goodwill than any company whose products I’ve used all year.

Knowing I can wirelessly connect in any small city enriches my life so much. Instead of grumbling about being separated from my family for yet another day, I could meet a hard deadline and still watch my daughter’s team win the division volleyball championship. I’m so grateful to Starbucks, that even though I know offering wireless high speed internet access was a marketing tool to bring in business and enhance the brand, I feel as if they have just made a selfless contribution to the world. What a marketing coup!

I spent the last week on the road doing research, so I wanted to spend some time this weekend with my teenage daughter. Given our schedules, the only way it was going to happen was if I drove her to Modesto, CA Saturday night for her volleyball tournament Sunday. But the client needed a research report before 4 pm Sunday and with graphics and PowerPoint slides I was afraid a dial-up connection wouldn’t be reliable. The team was staying at the Ramada Inn, not known for its high speed internet connections. So I dropped her off at the tournament at 7 a.m., sat at the motel room desk and wrote the report (keeping an eagle eye out for the centipedes that seemed to like my room), finished by 2 pm, found the nearest Starbucks from the list my husband printed off the internet before I left, connected to TMobile in 15 seconds, and felt an enormous relief that the job was done and the files were sent off. I probably wouldn’t have gone if I hadn’t had the peace of mind of knowing that I would be able to connect with no problems from Starbucks.

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