Hispanic Community Marketing

31 Mar 2004|Felipe Korzenny

Calle 8 in Miami, Fiesta Broadway in Los Angeles, The Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York, and Cinco de Mayo in most major Hispanic markets are just some of the many Hispanic local celebrations and events that take place every year. They constitute Hispanic community recognition, acceptance, and commemoration.

Increasingly, marketers place booths and sponsor these events. Can anyone measure the total effectiveness of these events? Not likely. At most one can measure the number of attendees and the numbers of those who stopped by booths and asked for information or got a sample. In multiple qualitative studies that we have conducted consumers invariably mention these events. They state that the presence of specific brands at these local celebrations serves as testimony of the importance that these brands confer to US Hispanics.

The role of placing brands in these visible community events is to create visibility and word-of-mouth. The immediate impact of having some event participants notice the brand and approach a booth is only a small portion of the long term effect of this type of presence. As the brand builds equity in the community its presence becomes part of the emotional environment of those who participate in it. Opinion leaders, then, spread the word about what brands are loyal to the community. As buzz develops the impact of community participation becomes dramatically enlarged.

There is a synergy that evolves our of community events that permeates the society and creates a brand presence that consumers appreciate. This is an opportunity for the brand to become part of the cultural experience of the consumer.

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