01 Apr 2004|Christoper Ireland

As a very early web cruiser, my email address is now on just about every junk mailing list out there. I innocently signed up for services in the mid-90’s that promised to pay my bills, connect with lost friends or organize my life. Mostly what they did was go out of business and sell my address. Like many others, I open my email each morning to find offers to improve my “love muscle,” get Vi@gra cheap, watch hot chicks do things I never knew were possible and get out of debt fast. Two spam blocking programs save my day.

The first is Spamnet from Cloudmark. Many of us at Cheskin use this on our work accounts. It can get a little over zealous at times (it keeps blocking email from my colleage, Lee) but it accurately discerned that “Hot PEE” was a project name and let those emails come through (don’t ask…I didn’t name it).

For my personal email account, I use Mailblocks. So far, it’s successfully blocked all spam from my account. It’s letting some crazy emails from an inlaw get through, but I can’t blame it for that.

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