02 Apr 2004|Christoper Ireland

Jenny Daley turned me on to Kinja, a very simple blog aggregator that unashamedly states it is “not aimed at early adopters.” Thank god.

I’m in the very earliest stages of trying Kinja, but I like several features (in addition to the simple interface). I like the unobtrusive way they integrate ads. I’m happy to have someone else subsidize the site–just don’t make me wince. I like that it doesn’t require a download so it can be accessed whereever I happen to be. I love the organization of highlighted blogs into simple categories that make sense to me (tech, baseball, sex, liberal, conservative, etc). The “Showcase” section was somewhat disappointing in its collection of featured blogs, but I found several cool sites under the Science headings, including Future Now , Transterrestrial Musings, and SteveBerlinJohnson (very pleased to find his site as I loved reading both Emergence and Interface Culture).

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