Teen tastes

14 Apr 2004|Christoper Ireland

I have two daughters born in April (15 years and 3 days apart from each other). Each year, as their birthdays arrive, I begin a frantic search for whatever is new and hip for their age group. With my oldest daughter, I’ve pretty much given up. She gets money or something she’s picked out herself. But the little one is still easy. Want to know what’s near and dear to the hearts of pre-teen girls right this second?

Pink Uggs. Yes, the same Uggs that were popular about 10-15 years ago, only now they come in pastel colors and are worn with mini skirts. White twirly dropwaist mini skirt is next on her list. The Dancing Hamsters come up often. I think they must be silent Furbies or a close relative. She also wants a iPod mini, in pink naturally.

In case she’s reading this, I hasten to add that she probably won’t get everything on her list. But it’s fun to watch tastes change over the years, either thru my children or the thousands of other teens we work with. They are inherently creative, open-minded and experimental–despite occassionally being scary, stubborn and annoying.

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