Inspire Me

21 Apr 2004|Jennifer Grey

Reading through LiAnne Yu’s recent blog got me thinking about Betty Crocker. In seventh grade, I came across a deal — by collecting and sending in Betty Crocker coupons, somebody could get a much needed kidney dialysis machine. I don’t remember the details, but man, I was converted. I started a campaign and the Betty Crocker coupons flooded in.

My mom was a Duncan Hines gal, but that didn’t matter. We became a Betty Crocker family. Scalloped potatoes (back then they only had one kind…), cake mix and anything else that we didn’t use or need, I convinced my mom to buy. Somebody was gettin’ a kidney dialysis machine and that’s all I needed to know.

What’s this got to do with anything? Nothing much other than that I’ve grown weary of information coming from all directions. I used to be a maniac when it came to new stuff. My brain was a big ol’ computer, taking it in, sorting it efficiently and popping it out when needed.

No more. I now read less for information and more for inspiration. I’m still mesmerized by any new scientific discovery, but gizmos, gadgets and ideas that are ‘nothing but new’ have lost their luster. I’m like I was back in the seventh grade, looking for stuff that spurs me to action, not consumption.

Strangely enough, Betty Crocker made me do both. Sort of puts Joe Camel, frequent flyer miles and Visa Rewards programs to shame. Think of the difference a company can make. Yep, we got that kidney machine (after rolling out the effort school-wide). And more years later than I care to identify, I still buy Betty Crocker.

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