17 May 2004|Christoper Ireland

After leaving Bristol last week, I spent the weekend in London and now am in Amsterdam. The transition from London to Amsterdam turned out to create a wonderful juxtaposition of design aesthetics. London appears to have never seen an architectural flourish they couldn’t use. The buildings are crawling with textures, icons, sculpture, fixtures and literally hundreds of decorative motifs. These are, in many respects, the fantasy castles of my childhood.

A brief hop across the channel to Amsterdam and suddenly its gone, replaced by a lovely, but spare architecture of geometric planes, startlingly in its absence of artifice. I am a naive tourist with very little knowledge of Dutch history so I won’t even attempt to explain how this could be. But I would love to understand it better. So if anyone knows of a great book or site explaining the driving motivations of Dutch design, pls let me know.

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