Divine Intervention

24 May 2004|Jennifer Grey

One doesn’t expect to get marketing advice at church. Right? I’m going through some sort of spiritual renaissance. Maybe it was Easter or yet another birthday or something different altogether, but I started going to mass recently. Okay, it’s Newman Hall in Berkeley. For those familiar with the Paulists, at least it’s intellectually interesting even if you question the wisdom of my newfound curiosity…

Anyway, back to marketing.

I didn’t expect to hear a priest touting the value of a company like BzzAgency, a fairly new Boston-based company with a great client list. Their focus is spreading product information through word of mouth.

The concept isn’t new, but their approach is worth a look. It’s a little formal and high-maintenance for my likes (please, not another site I need to keep up with), but it’ll be interesting to see how they do. In fact, their name keeps popping up in a number of different venues, so they’re obviously doing something right to keep the bzzz alive…

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