Bruce Mau

06 Jun 2004|Christoper Ireland

I recently presented at a DMI conference on Brand design. I have no interest in recapping my talk because I was so knocked out by the presentation of another. Bruce Mau presented an overview of his Massive Change project.

I’d seen Bruce present at The Art Center Design Conference a couple of months ago, but some how missed the full power of his idea (my coworker, Terri Ducay blogged briefly about it). Earl Powell at DMI wisely grants his selected speakers an hour. Bruce used his time wisely to explain and elaborate on concepts such as the following:

“No longer associated simply with objects and appearances, design is increasingly understood in a much wider sense as the human capacity to plan and produce desired outcomes. Design has emerged as one of the world’s most powerful forces. It has placed us at the beginning of a new, unprecedented period of human possibility, where all economies and ecologies are becoming global, relational, and interconnected. In order to understand these emerging forces, there is an urgent need to articulate precisely what we are doing to ourselves and to our world. This is the ambition of Massive Change.”

I wish I had ambition as wild and wonderful as this. Check out Bruce’s view of our world and help him out if you can.

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