The Marketing Playbook

11 Jun 2004|Christoper Ireland

The world needs a new marketing book like it needs another war for democracy—unless that book is written by John Zagula and Rich Tong. I met John in the mid-90’s when he was a one man “force of nature” associated with Microsoft Office. John is very smart, very fun, louder than most, and an all around fine human being. Add to this that he and Rich had ringside seats to the launch and development of some of the most powerful brands in the world, and you’ll begin to see why I willing to shamelessly hype their upcoming book.

Take a visit to their blog, Marketing Playbook, and you’ll get the details. They’ve used a sports metaphor to explain marketing strategy. That might not be compelling enough, but the type of sports they use help (when have you ever heard marketing tactics compared to drag racing?) Most importantly for my taste, they stay focused on a few simple rules. They explain their perspective in easily understood language. They don’t degenerate into a Microsoft “tell all.” And, it is all very well written. Either they’re working with a writer or one of them actually attended those college English classes…

The blog entries on the book are outline only, but the related discussions are enjoyable. I’m looking forward to their Fall publication.

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