Tell Me Your Story - Work Here #3

15 Jun 2004|Jennifer Grey

I read a great article today in Smithsonian magazine about StoryCorps, a national project modeled after a WPA project in the 30s. StoryCorps has set up a soundproof recording booth in Grand Central Station to inspire people to record each other’s stories in sound. What a great, great idea.

I love the idea because it totally fits my approach to hiring. What do I look for when hiring people at Cheskin? Two things:

– the talent to listen wisely and inspire people to tell their story
– the knack of telling a compelling story — using words, pictures, numbers

This is our foundation. You may be a branding expert, a strategic marketer or a design strategist (all stuff we look for), but without the storytelling and story-listening talent, these other skills are diluted and commonplace.

So, what kind of story tellers are we looking for right now? Visit our jobs page and see a full listing. Better yet, if story-telling is a talent and you’re a strategic thinker with qualitative or quantitative research background, tell me your story.

Email me: Call me: 415.348.0780×202.

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