New York State of Mind

19 Jun 2004|Christoper Ireland

I’m spending much of this month in NY, primarily in support of our rapidly growing office here, but also because I love it here. I didn’t always feel this way. I’ve been visiting NY for over 20 years, but I usually stayed in a mid-town hotel, complete with $20 continental breakfasts, constant sirens and harshly sterile recirculated air. My adoration of this remarkable city only came when I took the risk of becoming a resident…or at least, a temporary resident…courtesy of Craig’s List.

Through Craig’s List Manhattan short term sublet listings, I’ve twice found remarkable people willing to let me and my family stay in their homes while they’re gone on vacation. These have been beautiful, clean, unique flats in very fun areas of town, complete with furnishings, art, books, music and toys. I’ve grown to know the neighborhoods, the shops, the cycle of sound through the day and night, and in the process, I’ve learned why so many people call Manhattan “home.”

I have no idea what Craig’s List business model is–I can see no visible means of support. But I’m extremely grateful for its service and would willing pay a subscription fee if asked (and Craig’s List folks, if you’re reading this, why don’t you make subscription voluntary like shareware. What have you got to lose?)

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