When Life Depends on Technology

13 Jul 2004|Jennifer Grey

Some companies get it right — not just the product, but the experience they provide. I spent Sunday in the emergency room with my dad. He has an automatic defibrillator implanted in his heart and the unit kept firing in an attempt to regulate his heartbeat.

In the emergency room for about eight hours, he was surrounded by nurses, doctors and technicians. You’d think all those people would provide a measure of comfort and reassurance. But it wasn’t until (in my dad’s words), the ‘gal from Medtronics’ showed up that he visibly relaxed and we knew he was finally in good hands. Over ten years ago, Dad received his first Medtronic defibrillator, which saved his life.

We’ve come to regard Medtronic as a true health partner. They aren’t a brand to us. They’re a group of people with leading edge technology who provide the best health care experience one can hope for. They do a ton of patient research, in which our family has participated. Seeing their medical devices in action is a thing of wonder.

These guys know what they’re doing — innovative product development and a thorough and personal understanding of who they help. They never refer to us as a ‘customer’. Medtronic employees exude technical competence and patient empathy. It’s no surprise the stock is strong and they’re rated a top company to work for in the U.S. Strong research, excellent product design, continual innovation, and training their team to provide a holistic partner experience – it shows up everywhere you look.

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