Who Needs Nanotechnology?

16 Jul 2004|Cynthia Chan

I’ve always thought the application of nanotechnology in fabric was very cool, however, nothing really strikes me enough for me to grab a pair of spill-proof pants, or shirt that keeps bugs away until 10:12pm on July 13, 2004.

My patience almost went out the window when my seafood chowder was finally brought to my table. Before I could dive into my soup, the server knocked over my glass of milk tea (which was very full)! There was no way I could avoid the splash – it was a head-on crash. Next thing I knew, I was (together with my gray slacks) soaked with ice milk tea waist down. It was a shot of shock, helplessness, and embarrassment, all bundled together.

I would have been acting so cool and composed if I was wearing a pair of spill-proof pants! At first I thought proud parents of toddlers with peanut butter–covered fingers or “carefree” guys who are into bar-hopping need spill-proof pants, but now, I think I should own a pair off those neat pants too!

Nanotechnology in fabric totally weaves in both functional and emotional benefits in one shot. I really can’t wait for it to be widely marketed and applied to a wider variety of daily wear (aside from khaki pants). I guess I am still waiting for the industry to turn this darling monster from “hey, this is a cool product” to “hey, this is a cool product I want to have”, or should I say, I’m waiting to play a more active role in pushing this initiative forward.

P.S. The little Chinese cafe, which is notorious for their “customer service”, didn’t even offer me a coupon for dry-cleaning. I got another milk tea for free though!

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