Reinventing myself

01 Sep 2004|Christoper Ireland

I’ve been Cheskin’s CEO for over 6 years, riding the dotcom boom, the recession and now, lately, the rebound. I’ve learned to be patient (somewhat), supremely accountable, and resilient–all important attributes that I’m glad I’ve learned.

But I’ve wanted a change for awhile now. I have no interest in leaving Cheskin (headhunters, pls note)–I just need a new role. I need new challenges and a different vantage point that will keep my thinking fresh and my heart engaged. Fortunately, I have phenomenal partners and senior management who understand this and have graciously allowed me the space to change.

My wonderful friend and partner, Darrel Rhea, is going to take a stint in the CEO role. He’s got exactly the right traits and experience for our current stage, and I have no hesitation about following his lead. I’m transitioning responsibilities to him and we should have that complete by the end of this year. Once I’m freed up, I’ll spearhead our R&D function, corralling all the brilliant ideas that swarm around this place everyday, and trying to find a way to make them come true. I’m also going to spend more time with project teams, training and mentoring the talented folks that have entrusted this phase of their careers with us.

Will I regret giving up the CEO role? Probably every once in awhile I’ll question my choice, but I know it’s the right step for me and Cheskin to take. Hopefully, my new challenges will leave me with little time to rethink past decisions and plenty of opportunities to write new blogs.

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